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Proceedings of the Ohio Philosophical Association

Officers, 2018–2019
President: John Rudisill, College of Wooster
Vice-President: Kelly Coble, Baldwin Wallace University
Secretary-Treasurer: Dimitria Gratzia, University of Akron


The Proceedings of the Ohio Philosophical Association exists as the annually published record of original philosphy papers presented at the annual meeting of the Ohio Philosophical Association (OPA). Submissions to the OPA are refereed by OPA members under the supervision of the program chair (ordinarily the vice-president) and selected for inclusion in the meeting on the basis of the quality of the writing and the interest of the topic. All papers and comments accepted for the annual meeting of the OPA are eligible for publication in the Proceedings.


The Proceedings is an annual publication. Articles from the meeting (normally held in April) will be published on the Internet by July of the same year.

Beginning with the 2012 meeting, no separate proceedings is available. Instead, all papers are accessible directly from the meeting program in which they appear. See the OPA main site Programs Page.

Publication History

No. 1-6, 2004-2009


The Ohio Philosophical Association claims no copyright to these works in progress.

Authors published in the Proceedings retain all copyrights in their work.


There are no subscription costs. The Proceedings is freely available to anyone with access to the World Wide Web.