OPA Proceedings, Vol. 1 (2004)

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  1. Travis Foster, Emory University: "Epictetus on the Cynic's Calling"
  2. Matthew Shelton Lopresti, University of Hawaii at Manoa: "Establishing Stance: Thickening the Encounter with Place"
  3. Marco Serrano, University of California, Riverside: "DeRose on Skepticism: A Reply"
  4. Jeremy Buxbaum, University of Colorado at Boulder: "The Real Distinction Between Perdurance and Endurance"
  5. Melissa Dybas, Boston College: "Humanity In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
  6. Shane Ralston, University of Ottawa: "Deliberative Democracy as a Matter of Public Spirit: Reconstructing the Dewey-Lippmann Debate"