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  1. Cathal Woods, Ohio State University: "Aristotle on The Virtue and Wisdom of the Many"
  2. Kyongsook Kim, Catholic University: "The Ground of Gabriel Marcel's Concrete Philosophy"
  3. Mat Foust, Texas A&M University: "Against Spinoza's View of Animal Rights"
  4. Sean Ferrier, Boston College: "The Mode of Perception: On Film And Literature in Merleau-Ponty and Dürrenmatt"
  5. Jason Glahn, University of Missouri at Columbia: "Can Interactionist Dualists Accept the Zombie Argument?"
  6. David Rondel, Concordia University: "To be the Author of Moral Judgment: Sabina Lovibond's Wittgensteinian Ethics and her Response to Acrasia"
  7. Bob Galloway, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale: "'Unworking' the Work of Injunctive Community: Sensing the Social with Jean-Luc Nancy"
  8. Jingwei Zhu, University of Hawaii at Manoa: "Wang Yangming's Approach to Principle"