Proceedings of the Ohio Philosophical Association

Beginning with the 2004 meeting, the Proceedings is available online.  The new Proceedings will include all of the presentations, including comments.

Beginning with the 2012 meeting, no separate proceedings is available. Instead, all papers are accessible directly from the meeting program in which they appear. Click on the title to download papers.

By vote of the membership, the OPA Proceedings is not a publication. The papers posted here are conference presentations for the use of meeting attendees. Authors retain copyright and may submit their work to journals for "first publication."

Readers viewing these Proceedings should recognize that conference papers are drafts being refined for publication, and so should contact the authors, or conduct a journal search, for published versions of these papers.


Volume 1, 2004 Annual Meeting

Volume 2, 2005 Annual Meeting

Volume 3, 2006 Annual Meeting

Volume 4, 2007 Annual Meeting

Volume 5, 2008 Annual Meeting

Volume 6, 2009 Annual Meeting