2015 Conference Program

Jim Garrison

22nd Annual Kent State Philosophy Graduate
Student Conference In Remembrance of May 4th

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

March 14, 2015

Special Guest Speaker: Prof. Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech

Prof. Frank Ryan, Program Coordinator

Logistics (directions, accommodations, etc.)

All paper sessions will be held in Kent Student Center.

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    Registration and Coffee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Room 310AB 8:30 am

    Session I.A Room 318
  Chair: Beth Emerson, Kent State University  
  Dustin Sigsbee, Wester Michigan University "Moral Disagreement and Audi's Account of Moral Intuitionism" 9:20 am
        Comment: Kristen Wells, Miami University of Ohio "Comment on Sigsbee  

    Session I.B Room 310AB
  Chair: Cole Singletary, Kent State University  
  Landon Elkind, University of Iowa: "On the Analysis of Soritical Predicates" 9:20 am
        Comment: Emily Mathias, Western Michigan University "Comment on Elkind"  

    Session II.A Room 318
  Chair: Kristen Weis, Kent State University  
  Shouta Brown, Miami University: "Assenting to the Shock of Film: The Sublime and Sensus Communis in Modernity" 10:25 am
        Comment: Beth Emerson, Kent State University "Comment on Brown"  

    Session II.B Room 310AB
  Chair: Devon Hawkins, Kent State University  
  Manuel Rodeiro, CUNY Graduate Center: "Fundamiddlism: A Person-Dependent Metaphysics" 10:25 am
        Comment: Zachary Milstead, Western Michigan University "Comment on Rodeiro"  

    Session III.A Room 318
  Chair: Aaron Schultz, Kent State University  
  Scott Simmons, Bowling Green State University, and Mark Wells, The College of Wooster: "The Easy Defense of The Feathered Apes (And the Hard Problems it Raises)" 11:30 am
        Comment: TImothy Kirschenheiter, Wayne State University "Comment on Simmons and Wells"  

    Session III.B Room 310AB
  Chair: Anthony Paridon, Kent State University  
  Robert LongBrandeis University: "How Wishful Seeing is Not Like Wishful Thinking: Against Siegel's "Control" Case" 11:30 am
        Comment: Jaryth Webber, University of Texas "Comment on Long"  

    Lunch and Keynote Address, 12:30 pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 306
    Keynote Address, 1:45 pm
Prof. Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech: "Individuality, Equality, and Creative Democracy: The Task Before Us"
Room 310AB

    Session IV Room 310AB
  Chair: Daniel Robinson, Kent State University  
  Anannya Mukherjee, California State University: "Is Femininity Valuable?" 2:50 pm
        Comment: Rachel McNealis, Miami University of Ohio "Comment on Mukherjee"  

    Session V Room 310AB
  Chair: Steven Winterfeldt, Kent State University  
  David Milliern, Harvard University: "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That: The Nature of the Capacities Inhering in Space that Permit the Illusion of Time" 3:55 pm
           Comment: Kevin Lower, Miami University of Ohio "Comment on Milliern"  

    Session VI Room 310AB
  Chair: Adam Shatsky, Kent State University  
  Hannah Laurens, University of Oxford: "Attention determines Action" 5:00 pm
        Comment: Ryan Comeau, Kent State University "Comment on Laurens"  


For directions, please visit the Kent State University website. Details

Free parking is available for conference participants in the Kent Student Center visitor lot (free on weekends). Details, scroll down to "Kent Student Center Visitors"

If you have questions please contact: philconf@kent.edu